How to make an allosaurus

This tutorial will show you how to make an origami allosaurus. The diagrams are annotated with step by step instructions. Please use the video for additional help.


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Origami allosaurus dinosaur instructions
 Fold a square piece of paper in half.
 Fold down a small triangle (around 1/7 of vertical height)

 Fold back as shown.
 Crease down the middle.
 Double petal fold. Collapse the small triangle at the top.

 Double petal fold.
 Fold the flaps down.
 (Inside of the top shown) Rabbit ear fold the triangle outwards.

 Your paper should look like this.
 Fold in half. Rotate.
 Double reverse fold upwards.

 Fold as shown on both sides.
 Form arms as shown.
 Reverse fold the legs.

 Narrow legs.
 Reverse fold along the dotted line.

 Form feet.
 Fold inside along the dotted areas.
 Reverse fold to form the head, tuck tip inside. Shape arms, crimp tail.
   Your allosaurus is now finished.