How to make a chameleon (out of a British banknote)

This tutorial will show you how to make an origami chameleon (designed by Marc Vigo). The diagrams are annotated with step by step instructions. Please use the video for additional help.


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origami paper chameleon diagram instructions
 Crease a 2:1 rectangle in half and fold the corners towards the middle.

 Rabbit ear fold as shown.
 Two more rabbit ears.
 Fold the top flap to the right and the back flap to the left.
 Crease as shown. Repeat on the other side.

 Unfold the top square.
 Collapse these creases.
 Reverse fold the flaps
 Repeat steps 6-8 on the lower square.

 Reverse fold two triangles.
 Fold in half. Rotate.
 Form front legs. Thin tail with two reverse folds.

 Inside reverse fold head, back and forwards, opening the model from underneath. Form rear legs.

 Fold falps on head. Open sink the tail (push the central section inside)
 Form feet. Crimp tail to curl it.
Your chameleon is now finished.